Wild tea recipes for Winter nights

CONIFER PINE NEEDLED TEA RECIPE Collect the needles and the seeds. A tea extracted from pine needles is apparently high in vitamin C, making it a great anti-cold remedy. It also contains vitamin A. Seeds can be dislodged from open pine cones by shaking them. The seeds make great crunchy additions to salads when roasted…

Sea Foraging in Ireland

Picking by the sea is one of my favourite things to do during the summers months. Replace your berry basket with a bucket and spade to get started on your sea foraging adventure.

Picking Cherries in Canada

A highlight of my travels was a tasty picking trip in the Okanagan region of Canada. This area is bursting with fruit farms. From carefully planted vines for top quality wines to rows of overgrown fields of cherries. U-pick farms were the biggest revelation on the trip. U-pick farms give you the chance to do…

Picking olives in Northern Portugal

The Duora Valley in Portugal is home to a whole load of interesting fruits for you to taste, tour and learn about. Take part in Portugals olive and fruit harvest. Portugal is packed full of the most beautiful wine regions. The Duoro region in North east Portugal was named a world heritage site by UNESCO…

Picking Chestnuts in Italy

Italy is renowned for it’s harvest season and packed full of delicious natural produce. Foragers and pickers are in for a treat if they visit Italy, especially Tuscany from August to November. You will find chestnut festivals, wine festivals and truffle festivals spring up on all of the hilltop towns. Chestnut festival in the Mugello…

Picking Grapes in Spain

Northern Spain is home to some of the most delicious varieties of grapes in Europe. From Albarino white to La Rioja reds.

Picking Blackberries in Ireland

Would you like to embark on a unique foraging experience in Ireland? Join the flying pickers for a day of blackberry picking and tour of the Irish countryside.