Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit picking work is seasonal and rewarding for those that are free to travel, work-hard and roam the countryside. There are many types of fruit picking jobs available at different times of the year. Depending on your preferred destination we will help you find the top fruit picking position. From picking berries in Ireland to olive picking in Portugal we have a wide range of suitable jobs available:

  • Lemon and Citrus Pickers
  • Berry Pickers
  • Grape pickers at harvest time
  • Olive pickers
  • Watermelon Pickers
  • Strawberry Picking
  • Cherry picking jobs
  • Apple pickers
  • Farm workers
  • Blueberry picking jobs
  • Cranberry picking jobs
  • Picking pears and apples
  • Plum pickers

Different picking jobs become available between Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter harvest times throughout Europe. Get in touch with the Flying Pickers team to learn more about all of the opportunities available.