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Hello World! Let me introduce the Flying Pickers, where nature enthusiasts and food lovers come together to give the ultimate foodie experiences.

We are foragers at heart and crazy about travel.

To all of the picking enthusiasts out there, let’s go picking together.

For a little bit of background. Lisa is from a little town called Limerick in the West of Ireland. From the ripe young age of 5 she remembers foraging for mushrooms with her grandfather. It was then that she realised her mother was an avid forager too, carrying bags on most journey’s. Since then she has enjoyed picking berries in forests and shellfish on the seashore., picking cherries in the Okanagan, grapes in Portugal, olives in Italy and returning to the berryful land of Ireland to start the Flying Pickers.

“I must confess I am an addict. I scan bushes for ripening fruit, I climb hills to get to the plumpest blackberries, I wait all summer wishing for the berry harvest to begin. I call it a healthy obsession. Dragging some friends and family along is always fun too. I give them jobs. “Hold the bag out please” “Can you reach up to that branch Im too small”. Finish off a foraging trip with a glass of vino at the local pub and my life is made. Today I write freely and fruitfully about my foraging adventures. I would like to pass on the little tips and tricks I learned along the way. I would call myself a conscious forager. I know what to pick, I plan to leave enough for nature to flourish. In this recipe book I have picked out some of my favourite recipes to make with your foraging finds. Each one is dedicated to a fruit that can be found, picked or bought in your local organic store”.

Today we live in a world of convenience. How can we get to where we need to go in the fastest way possible? How will we avoid the traffic in the morning rush? How can we save time, let’s eat lunch at our desks? How can we ensure that every moment, every click, every transaction counts? There is more to life and we better get busy living before we lose sight of what matters. For me, nature brings everything back to reality. Do a little experiment, pick out a recently planted tree in your nearest park. This is your tree to watch. Keep an eye on the tree over time. Watch it grow, shed, lenghten, streghten, weaken over time. Nothing is immediately, we are forever changing.

Happy picking all from Lisa Long, Founder of the Flying Pickers!