World’s Most Unusual Fruit Festivals

You don’t have to be a regular festival goer to sample the electric atmosphere and fun activities at fruit festivals. If you are hungry to learn about how fruit is enjoyed by different cultures than you may learn a thing or two at an annual berry fest.  Showcasing local chefs, food experts and gastronomic celebrations, a festival is the perfect way to get to know a fruit in all of its glory. Check out some of the most unusual fruit festivals from around the world. Learn more

La Tomatina Festival

This famous food fight is held on the last Wesdneday of August every year in the small town of Bunol, in Valencia, Spain.  Over 20,000 tomato throwing enthusiasts take to the streets to participate in one of the world’s largest food fights.

Battle of the Oranges Italy

Need an excuse to dress-up in battle attire and throw fruit? Look no further. This unique festival involves thousands of people taking to the streets of Ivrea in Italy to hurl oranges at eachother.  This three fruit festival dates back to medieval times and takes place in February each year.


Ohio PawPaw Festival

This festival celebrates the native pawpaw tree fruits with creative events and delicious food over three days of festivities. Highlights include a pawpaw cook-off, pawpaw crafts, a pawpaw fun run, exhibitions and eating competitions. Learn more

World Durian Festival

Fruit decorated floats and beauty queens are two key features of this colourful festival which takes place in Chanthaburi, Thailand.  This festival is gauranteed to make your mouth water with the vast display of tropical fruits, including: fresh durians, mangoes, jackfruit, lychees and dragon fruit. Learn more

Apple Scrapple Festival Delaware

Agriculture is the leading industry in the area of Bridgeville and 26 years ago they decided to celebrate the fruits of their labour. The festival takes place in October every year. Highlights include a carnival, scrapple carving, live entertainment and plenty of fresh apples to be enjoyed.


Wilton Blueberry Festival

If you are a blueberry fan and want to celebrate this tasty fruit then you can attend this festival every August. It is packed full of events and creative activities for all the family to enjoy. Highlights include a Blueberry Bake Off, workshops, live entertainment and a trade show.

Georgia Peach Festival

Created in 1986 to celebrate the contribution that peaches make to the local economy, this festival is a sharing occasion. The festival attracts up to 10,000 participants in the Fort Valley and Byron areas in June each year. Highlights of the festival include baking the world’s largest peach cobbler, concerts, parades and a peach pageant.


Lemon Festival (Fete du Citron) France

If you are a fan of all things Citrus than the City of Menton in France is the perfect place to be from Feb 17th to March 4th when it comes alive with lemon festivities. Events include a fruit parade featuring beautifully decorated floats, live music during the day, guided tours. When you find yourself saying ‘when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade’ think of this magical festival.

Why not plan your next trip around one of these flavour filled fruit festivals. If you know of any other fun fruit festival we should try out please let us know or if you have been to any of the above festivals we would love to hear all about your experience.

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