Spring Foraging: What, When and Where

Foraging in Springtime is a fruitful experience. Grab your gloves, basket and flask and drive or walk to the nearest forest to search for the latest wild foods. Depending on where you are in the world your months of Spring will vary but for us, coming from the little Island of Ireland we begin to see the bright heads of dandelions popping up in the gardens from the month of February.

Spring is a time of fresh air, new beginnings and outdoor adventures. Our favourite pickings for Spring include: Elderflowers, Dandelions, Daisies, Watercress, Nettles, Gorse and Sea beet. You will find plenty of treasure if you take your time, do a little bit of research and venture into the lesser known landscapes. Coastal areas, mountains, forests and even your own back garden will begin to be a hive of activity in late Spring.


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