Picking olives in Northern Portugal

The Duora Valley in Portugal is home to a whole load of interesting fruits for you to taste, tour and learn about.


Take part in Portugals olive and fruit harvest. Portugal is packed full of the most beautiful wine regions. The Duoro region in North east Portugal was named a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2001. The soil and climate give the wine produced in this region a unique taste. The Douro region also produces unique wines, such as the Douro Muscat or Douro Sparkling wines.

Highlights include

  • Olive picking with friends
  • Excursion to olive oil producers
  • A cooking workshop
  • Wine tasting
  • Vineyard tours
  • Learn the process of making olive oil

The olive harvest is a unique experience, a mix of hard work and relaxation among the olive groves, a major agricultural event that becomes a fun activity for those lucky enough to take part.

At the end of the harvest there is a major festival – a celebration to reward the efforts of all those who have helped. You can participate in this tradition that stretches back to ancient times.


Participate on hands-on cookery sessions based on Portuguese cuisine. Most of the cooking takes place in a wood fire in clay pots exactly as it was done in the past. During the workshops you will get a chance to sample a selection of Portuguese wines with some produced by local varieties. All your meals have been specially selected and organized by us so that you can experience the real flavors of Portuguese.


Olives, grapes and almonds are three of the most popular foodie treats that you can discover and learn about during your time in Portugal.


As well as getting to know the culinary heritage of Portugal you will have the chance to enjoy Portugal’s outstanding nature sites, during our visits to wonderful beaches and Natura sites, nature reserves well known for their unique biodiversity.

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